4 Reasons Why a Yoga Retreat is better than Yoga in a Studio

Yoga is popular is because of the many physical and psychological benefits it brings to the individual. The different yoga poses (asanas) have been found to help relieve stress, improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, and increase your body’s flexibility. Although you can enjoy these benefits in a yoga studio, nothing compares to going on an authentic yoga retreat. Here, are some reason why should consider a yoga retreat
A yoga retreat gives you the chance to escape.
Embarking on a yoga retreat takes you away from the daily grind, and transports you to a place where you can relax and unwind.
Learn the philosophies of yoga.
Yoga is a state of mind and body. The activities in a yoga retreat are designed to follow specific philosophies and way of life. You will learn the history and principles of asanas (body positions), chanting, and meditation.
Learn from your yoga instructor at a personal level.
Yoga instructors understand this principle of Yoga and realize how valuable this is. Their kind and compassionate nature allows them to know how to approach each student in a subtle and personal manner.You will learn far beyond the asanas, so that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga during and after the retreat.
Benefit from other yoga enthusiasts.
During your time at the Yoga retreat, you will in all probability meet other yoga enthusiasts from around the world. Spending time with them enables you to get some insight in the other yoga principles and techniques. You and your fellow yoga enthusiasts achieve a sense of collective transcendence. By focusing together towards a specific yoga goal, you and your fellow yoga enthusiasts create a powerful energy wave, which will benefit all of you.
Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? If so, share your experience. How did it compare to yoga in a Studio?

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