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Going on vacation ? ..think about packing for a purpose.

by Sean Drayton
Small space Little effort Big impact .. !! You can make a big impact on the lives of children around the world Use available space in your luggage to provide supplies to communities you visit. For 5 pounds (2.27 kilos), you can bring one of the following: 400 pencils 5 deflated soccer balls with an inflation device A stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff and 500 band-aids 5 Easy Steps Select your destination. Find a lodging and a project it supports. Choose the supplies you wish to bring from the specific items requested. Drop off the supplies at the lodging. They […]

Welcome 2014 in with increased energy. Try this 3 day detox.

by Sean Drayton
A week before you start your detox, take note of 3 things like —caffeine, sugar, and chocolate, for example—that you want to avoid or limit during the days leading up to the detox. It’s important, too, to replace the “bad” stuff with more healthful choices; simply removing foods from your diet can leave you feeling deprived. For the three days of the detox, you could eat whole foods, grains, fruits, and vegetables, and ingest no stimulants in order to give your body a break, relax the liver, detox the kidneys and adrenals, and enhance digestion. If you eat meat, you […]