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by Sean Drayton

I’ve always loved the smell of freshly cut lawn and the sound of rain beating down on a corrugated iron roof – reminiscent of Africa.

I have been fortunate that my travels have taken me to some of the most inspiring places on earth.  From sleeping on a deck in a tree under the stars in the middle of a Big 5 game reserve to indulging in a vegan meal in a forest alongside the waterfall – catarata in Costa Rica.

I am all about  getting the balance right – worksmart and play hard and of course sticking to an exercise routine and eating healthy.

My passions are photography, wilderness and anything nature related.

Since I have never been able to shake off my wanderlust.. I became blogger by default after writing various travel reviews. Join me on my adventures as I explore this magnificent land we are so blessed to share. Check for regular updates on local functions and events.

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