A success story in conservation..

&Beyond, Motorite and Rhino Force share their story of the rhino translocation project which was completed successfully earlier this year. All six rhino have settled their new home. The videos of the various stages of the project have also been completed. Here they all are, in one easy to find place, for you to enjoy and share.


Luxury experiential travel company, &Beyond, has been deeply committed to rhino conservation for 21 years and is now translocating six white rhino from South Africa to Botswana. Botswana has an excellent security system in place to protect these endangered animals and will be a safe haven for the six relocated rhino. Translocations are fundamental to secure the ongoing survival of endangered species and this groundbreaking project led by &Beyond’s experienced conservation team aims to increase Africa’s dwindling rhino populations for future generations to enjoy. Join us on this journey and watch as the RHINOS WITHOUT BORDERS story begins.

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